The Business


The Business


A virtual circle for horse pros ready to create financial freedom with less time and energy.

Business Skills - Inspiring Community - Personal Transformation

The first of its kind space for ethical, compassionate, and welfare-conscious horse industry professionals to grow a profitable business, and create long-lasting relationships to lead the change the horse world is ready for.

A plug-and-play membership that gives you the training you need and the support you crave so that you can BREAK FREE FROM THE BROKEN HORSE INDUSTRY MODEL to earn more money, have more time, & make a bigger impact.

If you identify with the following, we are galloping the fence line with excitement for you to join us:


You’re a horse first type of horse pro:

Meaning you are ethical, compassionate, and welfare conscious of the horses within your circle of influence.


This doesn’t mean that you’re a die hard activist, though that’s amazing if you are.


It does mean that you are conscious of your power to influence the quality of life for every horse in your scope of care, and that means something to you.


You don’t tolerate abusive practices.


You educate and advocate on behalf of the horse species.


You do what you do out of genuine love for horses.


You’re a horse pro that knows there’s a better way than the broken model that’s been handed down from generation to generation. You’re ready to:

Approach people who WILL be interested in what you have to offer.


Commit to only working with clients you love to serve!


Develop a stackable service ladder that leverages your time and maximizes profit. 


Create marketing and promotions that run on autopilot.


Drastically reduce lost income from cancellations.


Put contracts, processes, and automations in place that show your clients that you're a true professional.


Develop additional services to upsell with your regular programs, increasing profits and client satisfaction. 


Bring in new, perfect clients with simple, free workshops that cost nothing to run but lead to a steady flow of new clients. 


Watch your business become more fun to run with each step!


You have heard about Red Mare’s private coaching or Done For You Services and want to work with us in that capacity:

Like we said before, supporting our members is our biggest commitment!

That’s why we’re only offering private coaching and Done For You Services to active members in our herd.

Members of TBMC are already committed to doing their absolute best to succeed, and those are our people.

When you invest in this membership, you get to see just how we roll at Red Mare, and we get to see you do what you do best too.

That sets us up for an amazing collaboration. Sort of like leasing a super nice horse before you commit to buying it.


You’re ready to stop stressing and start thriving:


STOP working the same old way… and learn how you can make more money WITHOUT working longer hours or giving up your personal life.

And NO… more clients is NOT the answer!

More clients means NO life. Because more clients means more scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, and non-payments. All needing to be managed by you.

Result: No life outside of the barn… no time for kids, friends, hobbies, your own horses, rest... yup, even a bath!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s not about getting a ‘real job’, it’s about making an equine service a real, functioning and profitable business.

Go from putting out fires and just getting by… to KNOWING how to have an equine business you love… enjoying your horses, your clients, and yourself.


You don’t want to commit to anything long term because the horse business can be unpredictable:

We get it. Horses are masters at finding new and inventive ways to cost us money! 


That’s why it’s important for us to keep our prices affordable, and to never lock you into a long-term contract.


Every dollar counts when you’re feeding and caring for horses, a family, yourself…


Our commitment to you is a generous pricing to value ratio and ZERO commitment from you… actually that’s not true.


There’s one commitment we ask of you.


Commit to yourself and to making your business dreams a reality. You deserve it, and the horse world does too!


You want to get and keep the best possible pricing for TBMC:

As we’ve mentioned, we’re going to be adding so much more content for you (customized towards our members' needs), and as we add more value our prices will increase.


This is your opportunity to join TBMC at the lowest possible rates, and keep them for as long as you remain a member.


You see the value and possibilities that come with being part of an International Network of horse industry professionals:

We’ve said it before and we stand by it, together we succeed. Marketing is networking. Attracting your ideal client is networking.

It’s all about relationship building. With the right relationships come amazing opportunities for professional growth and business development.

That’s why it’s important for us to connect you to other like-minded pros and support the building of relationships.

Perfect For Any Horse Professional!

Trainers • Instructors • Osteopaths • Farriers • Dentists • Stable Owners • Equine Facilitators • And MORE

Our goal for you is to at least 10x your business in terms of bigger profits gained, tons of energy saved, and a greater impact made.

Feel fulfilled by the difference you make AND the income that reflects your hard work.

Take A Peek Inside!

Your membership to TBMC includes:

  • Inspirational & thought provoking mindset coaching audios
  • Trainings on how to set healthy boundaries
  • Trainings on how to discuss pricing increases
  • Trainings on how to have tough conversations
  • Community space to get and give advice
  • And so much more!

We have walked in your boots, and know that it can be soul sucking to have to deal with the human drama that can arise in this highly personal, passion driven industry. 

Not anymore!

With the power of interpersonal skills, solid policies and contracts (a sexier topic than you can imagine), and a whole herd to support you, life just got leaps and bounds easier. You’ll have greater clarity, better focus on what matters most, and WAAAAY less stress.


“I love this group and all the aha’s I’m having - I do! No regrets and I’m grateful to be here."


“I actually look forward to bad weather days now! I know how to reschedule, still get paid, and most importantly I now know how to work ON my business effectively. The formerly dreaded computer work now feels achievable with all the specialised help (from REAL horse pro's) and resources Red Mare has. I used to just sit at the computer and feel frustrated that I wasn't being productive. What a difference Red Mare has made! Thank you RM team"

Merindah ThomsonMerindah ThomsonTRAINER | THOMPSON EQUESTRIAN

“This course is run by a dynamic team of red mares, who are fantastic with clarity and consistency, niching and owning it, they are helping to fill the many holes in my system. My understanding is skyrocketing. Thank you Team Red Mare.”