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Sep 19

Sept. 19 – 6am ET: Tech & Business Strategy Office Hours

September 19, 2022 @ 6:00 am - 7:30 am

Join us on September 19th for our live TBMC office hours! The 90 minute call will begin at 6:00 am US Eastern Time. We will split the call into two topics: half on tech strategy, half on business strategy. Come with your questions handy or comment below!


Click here to convert to your time zone start time (this training time is perfect for AUS and NZ 😀)


September 19, 2022
6:00 am - 7:30 am




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  1. Oh… tech… my friend…. 😛
    I seem to have the most time consuming issues with super basic tech stuff.
    Where did my blog template go?
    How do I change my default email for new subscribers?
    How can I add my logo in canva?
    Why can’t I respond via messenger when someone comments on a fb business page post?
    Why can I sometimes add photos from my phone, and sometimes they’re greyed out and won’t let me select them?
    How do I add folders to my email inbox?
    Why does uploading a video to medio.io always stop at 90%

    Business strategy…. currently for e all about copywriting and marketing. I’m trying to give away free stuff (jumping exercises, ebook, stallion selection quiz) and don’t know how to get people to want the free stuff.

    Thanks! Chat tonight!

  2. Automated payment…what apps do you suggest? Do we set the automation up or do our clients set it up through their personal accounts? I’m not to that point yet in the break free course, but am working through things!
    Maybe not within the scope of topics, but, what about the 1099-K? If we already utilize an accountant for our business do we just let them know we need that extra form? Or do we even need it if we’re already claiming anything that comes through the app as part of our income?

  3. I don’t have any specific questions at the moment. My biggest tech headache is getting familiar enough with Karta that every time I do something I do not have to reinvent the wheel. Which is just a matter of me writing out a work flow sequence for how to do things (Like you need to have the form created before you create the page that you are going to use the form in – gets me every time.

    From a strategy perspective I am about to embark on a lead generating phase with a lead magnet (Merindah’s question very relevant to that) but as I am slightly tweaking my niche not sure if should get the new website completed first, or if n fact it should be a new website rather than replacing the old one (serving slightly different markets) which raises a domain name issue. I think I have missed the boat on acquiring the new .au one. (as opposed to .com.au)