The Business Mastery Circle is all about providing you with support you need when you need it. That's why you'll find a ton of small group coaching clinics geared towards those topics that our members find the most pesky.


Our extra help options are meant to scale with you as your business needs grow, from small group clinics to help you with defining your niche or creating your first online course, to growing in scope so much that you're ready for our white glove services.


You'll find all the details below!

1000 Red Mare Bucks = $100 USD

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Redeem 1000 Red Mare Bucks for 50% off!

Technology is a four-letter word for most horse pros, and here we are telling you that it's going to make your life easier! Hilarious, right?

We get that there are times when tech misbehaves or is just way too mystifying for
your already full brain to wrap around.

That's where our tech support package comes in. Get one-on-one support to tame the gremlins that live in your devices or apps!

One of our team members will sit down with you for up to 30 minutes to help you troubleshoot and walk you through how to wrangle your computer into cooperation.

  • 5 sessions per package
  • 30 minute private tech coaching with a Red Mare team member
  • One-on-one help that fits your schedule

Small Group Coaching Clinics

All the benefits of a riding clinic, but targeted for your business!

  • Clinic style format provides individual attention plus the opportunity to audit and learn from other participants' questions.
  • Small groups are limited to 6 participants with two Red Mare strategists to ensure that you get the guidance and help you need to maximize your success.
  • Multiple times offered to accommodate our international members.
  • Each clinic will be offered as interest dictates, so if you're interested in multiple clinics let us know!



Redeem 2000 Red Mare Bucks for 50% off!

How hard can it be to identify the exact right audience and tell them how you can uniquely help them... and do so in an inspiring and concise way??

We get it! Niching sounds like it should be easy, but it can be a real challenge.

If you find that you're struggling with this process, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In fact, it’s the thing that many of our members and private clients struggle with the most!

Sometimes you can be too close to the issue, or struggle to find the right words, or maybe be a little nervous about excluding someone who you could help but isn't really the right fit.

Learn more about how our niching clinic can help guide you to defining and owning your niche. Attract your ideal clients and serve them in a way that is profitable, energizing, and efficient!



    Redeem 3000 Red Mare Bucks for 50% off!

    Your one-on-one time is the most valuable asset that you have. Building a business that supports this not only increases your income, but allows you to price your services in a way that frees you up to do more of what you love for the clients you most love working with!

    If you have gone through the Break Free module on creating your income model but are still feeling stuck,
    this clinic is for you.

    Join two of our amazing Red Mare strategists along with a cohort of other TBMC members to brainstorm, strategize, and dream big about what your business can do!

    Join the waitlist to be notified when the next Income Model Clinic is launching!



      Redeem 3000 Red Mare Bucks for 50% off!

      Your website should be working 24/7 to bring in your ideal clients so that you can have a waitlist of people and horses that you love to work with! 

      Is your current website working as hard for you as it should be? Is it helping the right people say "Heck YES! This is the horse pro that my horse and I need"? 

      Most horse industry websites are what we call "Brochure" websites. They are designed to display information. That's it. Nothing more.

      It's outdated and completely ineffective.

      Your website should speak to your ideal client, let them see themselves through your eyes, and feel seen and understood. It should take them on the journey from where they are now, to imagining the successes they will have as your client.

      There are key strategic elements in every effective website that guide visitors through the process of identifying themselves as your potential client, agreeing that they need to learn more from you, and providing their contact information in exchange for more education on how you will uniquely
      benefit them and their horse.

      Your website should be working to collect the contact information of your ideal clients for you
      even while you sleep!

      If you need more help with transforming your website from a boring brochure into a hard-working client-generating machine, this clinic is for you.

      Don't have a website yet or just starting on one? Great! You're invited too!



        Redeem 3000 Red Mare Bucks for 50% off!

        Are you ready to start implementing your new and improved income model?

        Workshops are a fantastic way to leverage your energy so that you can start making more money while having more time in the day. And who doesn't want that?

        This clinic helps you plan, price, and market your workshops so that you can have just that!



          Redeem 5000 Red Mare Bucks for 50% off!

          Your words matter.

          It is impossible to connect one on one with every prospective client or customer. There are not enough hours in the day to determine if you are the right fit for them, if they are the right fit for you, or if they are interested in the services that you have to offer.

          Great copy is the number one most important part of turning a prospective client into
          the client of your dreams.

          It has the power to connect with those people who are uniquely suited to become your ideal clients, take them on an imaginary journey to see what is possible when they sign on to work with you, and inspire them to take the next step in creating that client relationship with you.

          Not everyone is a natural writer, just like not everyone is a natural horse trainer, vet, farrier, or body worker...

          If you're that person that has a hard time finding the right words, or perhaps you have the right words, but need to make sure that they're clear and targeted, this clinic is for you!

          Get feedback and help from our expert copywriters to reach the horse owners that are out there just waiting to learn that you're there for them!



            Redeem 6000 Red Mare Bucks for 50% off!

            Are you ready to take the internet by storm? Do you have a course idea that you are champing at the bit to create because you KNOW it's going to help so many horses and horse owners?

            We are here for it!

            In this small group coaching clinic, you'll get expert help from ideation to execution, plus the support of other expert horse pros ready to offer their expertise to a broader audience.

              PREMUIM SUPPORT

              When you are ready to dream, plan, and do big things Red Mare is your team to make it happen! We're talking about taking your in-person horse industry business to an amazing hybrid of in-person services and online learning and support.


              TBMC members get priority access to our expert team of strategists, copywriters, designers, & tech wizards.


              From conceptualization to unlocking your thriving horse business empire, you have the keys right here at your fingertips.


              When you're ready to take it to the next level schedule your free 15-minute Level Up meeting below to discuss the next step on your trail to success!

              15 Minute Level Up Meeting


              When you're ready to take it to the next level schedule your free 15-minute Level Up meeting below to discuss the next step on your trail to success!

              We open up time slots for these meetings on a rolling basis, so sign up today to be notified of
              the next available bookings!

                LEVEL UP MEETING



                Get your step-by-step guide to marketing your business, strategized by our team of experts!

                  3 HOUR VISION INTENSIVE


                  Get your step-by-step guide to leveling up your business, strategized by our team of experts!



                    PER YEAR | BILLED MONTHLY

                    When you're ready to go big with your business, you don't have to go alone!

                      DONE FOR YOU SERVICES


                      You're ready to make big moves!

                      Your income model is working, you're clear on your ideal client, and your messaging is targeted.

                      Whether you need help with building or renovating your website, building out your membership, or launching your new course, we're YOUR team!

                        MASTERY IN THE MAKING MASTERMIND


                        PER YEAR | BILLED MONTHLY

                        Networking and inspiration times infinity!

                        When you're ready to level up to chase BIG dreams, this is the place to do it. Join an elite group of international horse business owners set on building an empire and leading the Redvolution!

                        Be challenged and inspired, grow brainstorm, collaborate, and take the lead with other top performers in the horse industry. This is where the tranformation really takes flight!

                        This invitation-only mastermind is hosted by our Lead Mare and Visionary, Catherine Respess.

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