The Business


A virtual circle for horse pros ready to create financial freedom with less time and energy.

Business Skills - Inspiring Community - Personal Transformation

The first of its kind space for ethical, compassionate, and welfare-conscious horse industry professionals to grow a profitable business, and create long-lasting relationships to lead the change the horse world is ready for.

A plug-and-play membership that gives you the training you need and the support you crave so that you can BREAK FREE FROM THE BROKEN HORSE INDUSTRY MODEL to earn more money, have more time, & make a bigger impact.

“There is no way some crappy online membership, delivered by some stuffy tech nerds, can help me improve my horse biz!”

We get it.


No, really.


Most online business memberships are out of touch and irrelevant to horse industry professionals .


Created by some climate controlled pencil pusher that wouldn’t know whiskers from horse feathers rather than seasoned horse business pros, who actually know the horse world from the inside out.


You know what we’re talking about. Heck, you’ve maybe thought about joining something like that but realized it would be as useless as trying to incorporate your favorite gelding into a breeding program. (Multiple non-horse people have suggested this to me… seriously!)


You got into the horse business because you love horses, not because you love business. So when it comes to business courses, you need:

A team of real horse people who streamline recurring (boring) tasks and troubleshoot tech issues with you. You need coaches and tech experts to guide you on a clear, proven path and who are dedicated to helping you succeed because they love horses as much as you do and see the value you bring to the horse world.

On-demand courses to solve your most pressing problems so that you can get back to loving what you do. And they HAVE TO BE short, easy to implement, and proven to work in the horse industry.

An international community of highly-skilled horse pros like you that are eager to network with you, horse savvy group leaders, discussion boards, and fun challenges to get you excited and keep you motivated.

If you’re kicking the gate and ready to run, here’s were we get started:


The Business





This is for the up-to-your-elbows-in-horse-manure professional that is ready to roll up their sleeves and make a difference by leading the change towards a happier, healthier horse world.

Here’s our goal:

Get the support you need to get back hours of your life that would otherwise be spent frustrated, frantic, and stressed out. Learn the strategies to create a waitlist of ideal clients and implement proven profit generating strategies that support your ideal horse business dream…


With the support team you need and the friendships you crave.


With a network of pros to collaborate and brainstorm.


And without feeling like you’re lost in a sea of irrelevant business lingo that you'd never find the time to make relevant for your equine business.

We’ve got your back!


Pillar 1

All-Access Pass to An Ever-Growing List of Premium Courses to 10x Your Horse Business

($4,000+ Real-World Value For Sooooooo MUCH LESS)

Yep, you get it all.


With the exception of our Mastery in the Making mastermind group and our affiliated Websites That Sell course, you get EVERY recorded training, tutorial and template we create, PLUS recordings from all our live training clinics!


Meaning, when it comes to identifying and attracting your ideal client, creating a more profitable income model, automating scheduling and billing, creating a profitable clinic business, and so much more.…


We’ve got solutions for problems you haven’t even had the energy or time to identify yet!


And while you're getting access to all the skill training you need...we also supply you with time-saving templates.

The goal of Pillar 1 is to make sure you get the information you need to start seeing results QUICKLY so that you can spend less time working on your business, make more money, and do MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE!

The strategies you’ll have access to have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for our managed clients, and you’ll learn to implement them for yourself and go from grinding in your day-to-day operation to thriving in a business you love, and making the most impact for your clients and their horses.

Our goal for you is to at least 10x your business in terms of bigger profits gained, tons of energy saved, and a greater impact made.

Then you get to truly break free from the broken horse industry model to become the herd leader you were always meant to be!


You’ll start your membership with access to our Core Online Courses:

  • Break Free | The foundation training to 10x your business
  • Cashflowing Clinics | How to finally make some f’ing money with clinics!
  • Did Somebody Say Free!? | Create a simple free 'taster' that helps you build a pre-sold waitlist
  • Between The Ears | An inspirational mindset podcast for busy horse pros needing that mental kick in the pants

And here is a glimpse at some of the training courses we’ll be rolling out over the next 12 months:

  • Vision Building | Eyes up towards your 5-year to 10-year plan
  • The Trail To Success | Building your profitable income model to create the most value for your time and maximize your earning potential
  • From The Horse’s Mouth | Copywriting for your website that stands out and attracts ideal clients that are ready to work with you now
  • Authentic Selling | Marketing strategies that aren’t sketchy, help you stand out, and make horse owners want to pay you what you’re worth
  • Building An Education System | Curriculum Creation for maximum results, because to help horses you have to train their humans
  • The Hybrid Horse Biz | Creating your first online course
  • Launching Your Course | Launching your online business empire

Our Core Courses are the only horse industry business courses available to help you learn to create a business that runs efficiently, profitably, and is built to grow for the future using the step-by-step planning system.

Perfect For Any Horse Professional!

Trainers • Instructors • Osteopaths • Farriers • Dentists • Stable Owners • Equine Facilitators • And MORE

Feel fulfilled by the difference you make AND the income that reflects your hard work.


3 “Core” Courses

That will get you started on laying your foundation for success, immediately saving time and sanity, generating way more money in your business, and creating a waitlist of clients you absolutely love working with.

An Ever-Growing Library of Courses Catered to Horse Industry Businesses

You’ll be first in line for every single new course we roll out.


Need help planning for the future? We’re ready to take you there with our upcoming Vision Building course.


Need to branch out your service offerings to make more money with less energy? You’ll definitely want to check out our ascension model strategy course, The Trail To Success!


Ready to take your wealth of knowledge online to reach the masses? Then The Hybrid Horse Pro course is what you are looking for.

We’ll be rolling these courses out gradually so that every new member has time to successfully implement our foundation courses, ensuring your success.

Because just like in horse training, the basics make the advanced work easy-peasy.


Just like horse businesses are very different from mainstream businesses, no two horse businesses are exactly alike. You’ll get access to countless templates that make your business life a breeze.

You’ll receive FULL breakdowns and walk-throughs of templates guaranteed to make your life simpler, your marketing a dream, and your client correspondence virtually effortless.

You’ll breeze through business management and development tasks while you leisurely sip your morning coffee, knowing that you have systems and automations in place to take care of the boring repetitive stuff while you go out and do what you do best and love to do the most.

Pillar 2

Support Team, Coaching & Community


Herd dynamics are a beautiful thing to witness. Every horse has its role, and they live and move together in support of each other. Everyone should have a herd to support them. Don’t you think?

Well, here’s yours.

You’ll get 24/7 access to a private community of horse pros (all committed to thriving in the horse world and making a difference)…

As well as live training clinics and community calls designed to help you implement proven strategies to transform your horse business into what you have always dreamed it could be.

Not only that, but in OUR community, we believe that pros should help each other. That’s why we’ve built places for discussion, collaboration, and yes, the occasional venting session.

The horse world should be fun!

We get that staying motivated when you’re super busy and extra tired is a struggle. To help you find the joy, and foster a healthy bit of competition we’ll be hosting fun, easy games and challenges. You can earn points to redeem for additional courses, one-on-one help, Red Mare services, and swag.

Yup! You read that right, you get rewarded for working towards your own business success and you’ll have fun doing it!


Not to mention you have exclusive opportunities to join our inner circle Mindset, Vision, & Strategy mastermind group, Mastery In The Making, and get private copy coaching, and individual tech support (Tier 2) for greater support and more individual attention.


Community networking and support via our Private TBMC Platform

This isn’t just another community chat platform.

It’s your access point to the entire Red Mare team of talented business strategists, copywriters, designers, and tech wizards (all horse lovers that know the industry). Each one of our team members will be moderating a dedicated area of our community platform. They’ll be your point of contact for all topics related to that area. You’ll also have opportunities to sign up for additional small group coaching sessions on a variety of topics.


PLUS, this is your go to place to access a network of international horse business owners, where you can collaborate, brainstorm, partner up, or share services.

Business Strategy Office Hours

(4x/month, combined with Tech Strategy)

Twice per month we’ll hang out on Zoom at different times to cover everybody around the world and answer all questions related to TBMC course material.


Need to deep dive on your ideal client? Let’s do it!


Not sure how to implement a better income model into your existing business structure? We take the confusion out and help you build a progressive plan.


We’re invested in seeing you succeed. As long as you show up, committed to yourself and your business vision, you are guaranteed to get so much from TBMC. 


Just by completing and implementing our foundation training course, Break Free, you’ll more than pay for your first year of membership!



Lead Mare
Founder & Visionary of Red Mare

  • 14+ years business consulting and graphic design
  • Creator of The Equestrian Journal
  • 37+ years in the saddle
  • 20+ years as a horse professional
  • Specialities: Intuitive training & rehabilitation using dressage, jumping, trail hiking and riding, soft touch massage, barefoot trimming, in-hand work, long-lining, and journaling.


Red Mare Enterprises

Integrator & Strategist

  • 20+ years as a successful and profitable second generation horse pro
  • 39+ years in the saddle
  • Well-versed in multiple disciplines: Western Riding, Draft Horse Driving, Coaching, Hunter/Jumpers, Natural Horsemanship, Gaited/Icelandic, Dressage, Horse & Rider biomechanics
  • Specialities: Horse & Rider Biomechanics with a strong foundation in long lining & in-hand training.


Red Mare Creative Director

& Lead Strategist

  • 18+ years as a business and marketing coach
  • 50+ years in the saddle
  • 10 years as a horse professional
  • Specialities: Relationship-based training, mustang gentling, incorporating reward-based training methods.


Red Mare Productions

Integrator & Head of Accounts

  • BS in Agricultural Business Management
  • 10 years working in the equine industry
  • 10+ years in the tack
  • Specialty: Correctly bringing young dressage horses from green to successfully moving up the levels.

Tech Strategy Office Hours

(4x/month, combined with Business Strategy)

Does technology terrify you?


Does the idea of sitting in front of a computer and setting up a booking platform make you quake in your boots?


Do you have a hunch that technology could make your life easier but you just don’t have the energy to figure it all out?

What if you had someone to tell you exactly what automation would benefit your unique business, AND THEN tell you how to set it up and walk you through any troubleshooting issues you might encounter?

Let’s face it. The horse industry is old - nope, scratch that, it’s ANTIQUATED. So of course, anyone working in the horse world is likely to be a bit tech averse if not downright tech-phobic. Plus, there are just not enough hours in the day to sort through and keep up with the myriad of changing platforms to figure out how you can use them, nevermind LEARN THEM!

That’s where our bi-weekly tech clinics come in. We’ve been incorporating technology into our clients' horse businesses successfully for MORE THAN A DECADE. We know what works, how it works, and how it can benefit you! So in addition to showing you what technology is going to make your life easier and more profitable in our courses, we’ll give you ongoing live support so that if there are any pesky tech gremlins that pop up, we’ll figure out the solution with you and help you get it all sorted out as quickly and easily as possible!

Pillar 3

Personal Development

Horse skills are easy, people skills are less so!

The problem is that horses come with their very own humans, and humans can be… complex.


Let’s face it, absolutely no one likes barn drama! It’s bad for business, it’s bad for the horses, it’s bad for YOU.


Common causes of barn drama:

  • Unaligned clients
  • Unclear client boundaries
  • Avoiding difficult conversations
  • Confusing busyness with productivity
  • Poor time management and scheduling
  • Habits that don’t serve you or your business


So whether it’s the humans that belong to your client horses… or perhaps it’s the human that belongs to YOUR horses, there are some skills that can definitely help squash the drama.


That’s why this particular pillar is so important. Your work life is likely the largest part of your day, so it’s essential that you have the skills and support to make it as friction free as possible.

Take A Peek Inside!

Your membership to TBMC includes:

  • Inspirational & thought provoking mindset coaching audios
  • Trainings on how to set healthy boundaries
  • Trainings on how to discuss pricing increases
  • Trainings on how to have tough conversations
  • Community space to get and give advice
  • And so much more!

We have walked in your boots, and know that it can be soul sucking to have to deal with the human drama that can arise in this highly personal, passion driven industry. 

Not anymore!

With the power of interpersonal skills, solid policies and contracts (a sexier topic than you can imagine), and a whole herd to support you, life just got leaps and bounds easier. You’ll have greater clarity, better focus on what matters most, and WAAAAY less stress.


Exclusive Membership Perks

Active members of TBMC will get access to a host of private deals, exclusive discounts with our affiliate partners and early access to courses that we add to our course library:

Perk #1

International Networking and Affiliate Opportunities

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future… 


The most successful business owners in the world surround themselves with like-minded, successful peers. They choose to engage with thought leaders, change-makers, and world-class do-ers whenever the opportunity arises, because they know that will inspire, motivate, and educate them to up their game.


Being in the room with other successful business professionals opens you up to an endless host of possibilities for collaboration, partnership, and affiliate opportunities.


This is one way in which ALL businesses are the same.


TBMC puts you “in the room” with an international community of horse pros connecting you to a wide variety of professionals across all disciplines:

  • Trainers 
  • Instructors 
  • Osteopaths 
  • Farriers 
  • Dentists 
  • Stable Owners 
  • Equine Facilitators 
  • And MORE 


Just think of all the opportunities!

Perk #2

Priority Access to Red Mare Coaching and Done F0r You Services

We regularly check our project calendar and open up a limited number of coaching and Done For You Services projects spots.


These opportunities are extremely limited and usually sell out within hours.


Members of TBMC are our top priority because they already understand our process and how to make the most of these opportunities to leverage them for their success.


That’s why we only announce these opportunities to our active members. 


PLUS by actively participating you can earn points to redeem for these offers. Yup! You read that right, you get rewarded for working towards your own business success!

Perk #3

Priority Access to Red Mare Coaching and Done F0r You Services

We have so much more amazing content in store for you!

Over the next 18 months, we’ll be releasing an additional 6 courses valued at over $6,000 alone, and that’s just our most essential content!

Our courses are released to you strategically to help you build or rebuild your business in the most efficient and effective way while respecting your time and energy needs.

We have some great courses both for your in-person and online business waiting for you in our back barn, Including titles like:

  • From The Horse’s Mouth | Copywriting for your website that stands out and attracts ideal clients who are ready to work with you now
  • Authentic Selling | Marketing strategies that aren’t sketchy, help you stand out, and make horse owners want to pay you what you’re worth
  • Building An Education System | Curriculum Creation for maximum results, because to help horses you have to train their humans
  • The Hybrid Horse Biz | Creating your first online course
  • Launching Your Course | Launching your online business empire

One of the biggest perks of being an active member of TBMC isn’t just that many of these great trainings will be included with your membership...


But you’ll get early access before we announce them to the rest of the industry, so you get that leg up on any would-be competition.


In fact, a large number of these trainings will only be available to TBMC members, because ensuring the success of our herd is our number one priority. As such, we know that our energy is best focused on providing you with world class support and attention.

Check out everything that membership has to offer...

TBMC Monthly Membership

  • 4+ Programs in TBMC Main Barn
    ($4,000 Value)
  • Exclusive Membership & Community Platform featuring games and challenges to help get and keep you motivated and breakout groups for more targeted discussions
    ($1,000/yr Value)
  • Dedicated Red Mare group moderators to facilitate your success and answer your related questions
  • 2x/Month Business Strategy Office Hours
    ($800/month Value)
  • 2x/Month Tech Strategy Office Hours
    ($800/month Value)
  • International Networking and Affiliate Opportunities
    ($3,000/month Value)
  • Upgrades, New Courses, Priority Access



Regularly $197


Get your

1st month FREE

then pay only  



We never want you to feel locked into something that isn’t right for you. Stay for as long as you feel you are benefitting.

You have as much rein as you need to move forward at your own pace.

That’s why we only offer monthly payment options. We want to make sure that you are getting tons of value from your participation in TBMC and don’t want you to feel like you’re locked into a long-term contract.


Our commitment is simple.


Every member needs to benefit, no matter how long or short they are part of our herd.


You can totally expect us to circle the wagons when we notice if you’re not active. We all succeed together, so expect us to encourage you to keep up with the herd.


Be confident in your decision to join, because to us, you matter, your business matters, and the service you provide to horses everywhere matters.


“I love this group and all the aha’s I’m having - I do! No regrets and I’m grateful to be here."


“I actually look forward to bad weather days now! I know how to reschedule, still get paid, and most importantly I now know how to work ON my business effectively. The formerly dreaded computer work now feels achievable with all the specialised help (from REAL horse pro's) and resources Red Mare has. I used to just sit at the computer and feel frustrated that I wasn't being productive. What a difference Red Mare has made! Thank you RM team"

Merindah ThomsonMerindah ThomsonTRAINER | THOMPSON EQUESTRIAN

“This course is run by a dynamic team of red mares, who are fantastic with clarity and consistency, niching and owning it, they are helping to fill the many holes in my system. My understanding is skyrocketing. Thank you Team Red Mare.”


If you identify with the following, we are galloping the fence line with excitement for you to join us:


You’re a horse first type of horse pro:

Meaning you are ethical, compassionate, and welfare conscious of the horses within your circle of influence.


This doesn’t mean that you’re a die hard activist, though that’s amazing if you are.


It does mean that you are conscious of your power to influence the quality of life for every horse in your scope of care, and that means something to you.


You don’t tolerate abusive practices.


You educate and advocate on behalf of the horse species.


You do what you do out of genuine love for horses.


You’re a horse pro that knows there’s a better way than the broken model that’s been handed down from generation to generation. You’re ready to:

Approach people who WILL be interested in what you have to offer.


Commit to only working with clients you love to serve!


Develop a stackable service ladder that leverages your time and maximizes profit. 


Create marketing and promotions that run on autopilot.


Drastically reduce lost income from cancellations.


Put contracts, processes, and automations in place that show your clients that you're a true professional.


Develop additional services to upsell with your regular programs, increasing profits and client satisfaction. 


Bring in new, perfect clients with simple, free workshops that cost nothing to run but lead to a steady flow of new clients. 


Watch your business become more fun to run with each step!


You have heard about Red Mare’s private coaching or Done For You Services and want to work with us in that capacity:

Like we said before, supporting our members is our biggest commitment!

That’s why we’re only offering private coaching and Done For You Services to active members in our herd.

Members of TBMC are already committed to doing their absolute best to succeed, and those are our people.

When you invest in this membership, you get to see just how we roll at Red Mare, and we get to see you do what you do best too.

That sets us up for an amazing collaboration. Sort of like leasing a super nice horse before you commit to buying it.


You’re ready to stop stressing and start thriving:


STOP working the same old way… and learn how you can make more money WITHOUT working longer hours or giving up your personal life.

And NO… more clients is NOT the answer!

More clients means NO life. Because more clients means more scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, and non-payments. All needing to be managed by you.

Result: No life outside of the barn… no time for kids, friends, hobbies, your own horses, rest... yup, even a bath!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s not about getting a ‘real job’, it’s about making an equine service a real, functioning and profitable business.

Go from putting out fires and just getting by… to KNOWING how to have an equine business you love… enjoying your horses, your clients, and yourself.


You don’t want to commit to anything long term because the horse business can be unpredictable:

We get it. Horses are masters at finding new and inventive ways to cost us money! 


That’s why it’s important for us to keep our prices affordable, and to never lock you into a long-term contract.


Every dollar counts when you’re feeding and caring for horses, a family, yourself…


Our commitment to you is a generous pricing to value ratio and ZERO commitment from you… actually that’s not true.


There’s one commitment we ask of you.


Commit to yourself and to making your business dreams a reality. You deserve it, and the horse world does too!


You want to get and keep the best possible pricing for TBMC:

As we’ve mentioned, we’re going to be adding so much more content for you (customized towards our members' needs), and as we add more value our prices will increase.


This is your opportunity to join TBMC at the lowest possible rates, and keep them for as long as you remain a member.


You see the value and possibilities that come with being part of an International Network of horse industry professionals:

We’ve said it before and we stand by it, together we succeed. Marketing is networking. Attracting your ideal client is networking.

It’s all about relationship building. With the right relationships come amazing opportunities for professional growth and business development.

That’s why it’s important for us to connect you to other like-minded pros and support the building of relationships.

Check out everything that membership has to offer...

TBMC Monthly Membership

  • 4+ Programs in TBMC Main Barn
    ($4,000 Value)
  • Exclusive Membership & Community Platform featuring games and challenges to help get and keep you motivated and breakout groups for more targeted discussions
    ($1,000/yr Value)
  • Dedicated Red Mare group moderators to facilitate your success and answer your related questions
  • 2x/Month Business Strategy Office Hours
    ($800/month Value)
  • 2x/Month Tech Strategy Office Hours
    ($800/month Value)
  • International Networking and Affiliate Opportunities
    ($3,000/month Value)
  • Upgrades, New Courses, Priority Access



Regularly $197


Get your

1st month FREE

then pay only  


In case you still have questions before you decide to join us here are some FAQ’s…

Is this really “month-to-month?” Are you sure there’s no hidden contracts or fine print?

Yes! You can cancel at any time, guaranteed. If we’re doing our job right, you won’t want to!

Will you be adding new courses??

Absolutely! We’ll be adding new courses on a rolling basis. Some of them will even be custom created based on the needs that our awesome members express! Don’t worry though, you’ll have plenty to get you started and keep you busy!

How do I make sure my tech questions get answered?

Amy, our tech wizard, will be monitoring the group tech discussion area. If for any reason your question gets missed, you can email it to us at

For the private tech & automations coaching via Zoom, what kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask any questions related to the technology that we cover in our courses. If you have unrelated questions, feel free to ask, though we may refer you to an outside resource.

Do I get to keep the courses if I cancel?

Our courses are an integrated pillar of our membership. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to any portion. Don’t worry though, we know that unexpected things can happen. If you need to suspend your membership, you can reactivate it at a later date!

How much time will the courses take me?

This is an ongoing membership, designed for you to go at a pace that works for your life and your schedule. Each course varies in length based on the topics covered and they are designed to be bite sized and easy to implement.

Are the courses like school classes or can I do them on my own time; are there deadlines?

The courses are designed for you to go at your own pace. They consist of pre-recorded videos, downloadable templates, and prompts. There are no deadlines. As long as you are a member of TBMC, you have access to your courses, our live training clinics, and our community platform.

What if I’m in a different time zone, can I still book time with you?

We have an international team and members from all over the globe. We do our absolute best to offer times that work for the majority.

How often will new courses come out? (or how often can I expect new content?)

New courses will be released on a rolling basis, as some will be created based on your feedback. We have designed the membership to grow as you go because the content is information dense. We want to ensure that our members never feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, you’ll have plenty to get you started and keep you busy!

How long will it take me to implement these changes/see results?

Your success depends on your level of engagement. Most active members can expect to start seeing results in just a few weeks!

Will there be additional services/courses to be purchased?

Yes, you can purchase more individualzed services such as tech packages, small group coaching, etc. But no worries, you can earn points by engaging with our core material that you can redeem for additional services.


Yup, we honor sweat labor!

What if my question isn’t here?

Still have questions? Email us at and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.